Top 10 Best Automatic Dog Feeders { Tested Reviews }

We pet need proper feed for growth of our four legs friend, so it is always a better choice to schedule everything with these automatic dog feeders these are pretty easy to use and provide value for money.

Top 10 Best Automatic dog feeders Tested and Reviews

1. Automatic Cat Feeder, Roffie Dog AlarmsPortion Control, Voice Recorder


  • Life savers for pet you can freely go away by leaving your pet at home for 2 to 4 days.
  • You can easily schedule 4 meals per day and keep your pet healthy and safe.
  • Your pet will never miss feeding after using these feeder.
  • Its easy to clean it.

2. PetSafe 5 Meal Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats Food Dispenser – Portion Control


  • Easy to schedule upto 5 meals a day.
  • Suitable for small and medium size pets.
  • It is dishwasher safe and bpa free.
  • It run with battery which need to by separately.

3. PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder, Smart Feed Cat Feeder Dog Feeder, Portion Control, Distribution Alarms, Auto Pet Food Dispenser

Smart Feed Cat Feeder Dog Feeder


  • Can easily be operate from android and ios apps easily.
  • We can easily schedule 10 feedings it will work for you non stop.
  • Keeps food fresh and dry though the day it can easily store upto 3.3 lbs of dry food.
  • It comes with battery backup option and can be easily connected with wifi.
  • You can command any time from mobile app.

4. HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Cat Feeder, Pet Automatic Food - Dispenser with Stainless Steel Food Bowl

Pet Automatic Food Dispenser with Stainless Steel


  • Can easily schedule 6 meal food storage capacity is 13 cups for dry food.
  • No hassle to clean it, its super simple to clean from internal and outside you can schedule the food easily.
  • It can be easily operate from battery and in include sound record option to call your pet (batteries not included).
  • Very help full to keep your pets healthy and energetic.

5. Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder Digital Timer for Cats and Small Dogs


  • You can easily serve 5 meals a day.
  • Easy to clean with just normal dishwasher.
  • It keep feed fresh
  • you need to use battery that need to get it from market.
  • comes with 3 year of warranty

6. WOPET SmartFeeder,Automatic Pet Dog and Cat Feeder Video Recording,Wi-Fi Enabled App for iPhone and Android


  • Easily can be served 6 meal best automatic feeder for both cat and dogs.
  • Comes with inbuilt HD camera and can be easily connected with phone and you can record favorite movements.
  •  Contains two food trays large and small size.
  • It can be easily connect with your android devices.

7. GOOVI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 5 Lightweight & Filtration for Home Hardwood

Little Giant Automatic Dog Feeder


  • It can easily store the food int he chew proof container.
  • It is made up of stainless body and rust free works well indoor as well as outdoor.
  • You can easily control the feed of flow.
  • It doesn’t required any assembly cost and can be easily mounted to wall.
  • It can easily store 25 pound of dry food.

8. BELOPEZZ 3Liters Smart Pet Automatic Feeders with Timer Programmable Up to 4 Meals a Day for Dogs and Cats


  • It is very smart feeder and helps to develop the good eating food habits.
  • You can easily store 3.5 lbs dry food works well upto adult cats at complete the hunger desire upto 15-30 days.
  • Voice reminder inbuilt system it will not let your pet feel alone.
  •  Easy to use and last for long.

9. TSYMO Automatic Cat Feeder - 6 Meals Timer Programmable, Voice Recording & Portion Control for Small & Medium Pets, 4 Liters


  • No worries about food jam or another problem just make sure your food never go low.
  • You can easily schedule custom meal at specific time and portion of meal.
  • These are super easy to clean and keep your feeder working and schedule even power outage.
  • You can commend with personal voice message and it will provide comfort so far.


  • 4 meal a day can be easily served it will keep your pets in control and avoid overeating and starvation.
  • It is suitable for all type of breed whether small, medium or large size breed.
  • Easily store 6 L of food it is recommend for medium and large size of pets.
  • You can easily record your pet voice and your pet will not feel alone.


Well we are just wrap up with our reviews list we hope you will make a amazing choice let  us know in comments which one suits well for you and what would you recommend to buy everyone else reading this article . hope we coverup whole the point feel free to connect us.

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