How To put on A Dog Harness Step By Step Guide

This is the biggest problem that pet owner face is proper fitting of harness, because our furry friend require proper harness and fully comfortable here we will tell about how to put on a dog harness,

There are two type of harness step in harness and overhead harness.

There are lot of parents how choose harness to make feel comfortable for pets but they are don’t know the proper way to put on dog here is step by step process of putting dog harness


How To Put On A Dog Harness Step by Step Process.

1. Place Unlock Harness on Ground

This is the first and basic step what we have to do is to unlock the harness and spread it on floor if you are having over the head harness than just use directly and put on the head of the pet, make sure it should be suitable according to pet size.

2. Have Your Dog Stand On Harness

The second step is commend your pet to stand on harness in the center of the harness and if over the head harness the pets can stay stand as well as can sit those are easy to wear in any situation.

3. Place Your Dog Front Paw In The Harness

This the third step now you have to just put front paw in the harness in both type of harness the step is same fist paw inside the harness and after that second step in the harness this way next jump to next step..

4. Pull the Harness - On to The Dog

Now this is simple pull the harness over the pet if over the head harness than also same pull on the harness but taking inside from both paws of pets now your pets is just ready to run but before that check next point

Now its your turn to properly adjust the harness if you bought proper size harness it will work like amazing if not than you and your pet both will sucks the pain so it better to first check properly size before buying.

7. Reward Them With Treat

Yup !! the point which no one is following is after completing the task we must give some reward to pets because this will make your task easier from the next time and you will need to do less effort to remove and to wear the harness,.


Which ever harness you choose must ensure that it must fits to your dog because fitting is important important than color and design moreover comfort also matter it should be enough matters let us know in comments if other way you like to wear harness to your pets.

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